Multi Currency Account

Doing business globally comes with its own challenge and that is receiving payments in currencies that your partners in various countries are using.
We at American Elite Bank have provided a solution to sort out your currency needs using our multi currency account that can be domiciled in any of your preferred currency

1) What currencies are available for me?

  • We have Euro, USD, Yen, Pounds, and CAD that you can choose from

2) What is the account opening balance?

  • The account opening balance is $1000 or its equivalent in the currency you want to be domiciled

3) Is there a credit or debit card linked with my domiciliary account?

  • Yes, we offer both master card and Visa card for your account

4) Is there a maximum i can spend with my card?

  • Yes your spending limit is $20,000,000 per month

To open an American Elite domiciliary account,

  • Visit the online account opening form Click Here
  • Complete the form and submit online, our account department will review your application and assign you an account number

Domiciliary Account

Building a business relationship that offers your business partners the opportunity to pay you in their own home currency without the stress of sorting for foreign currency locally.

  • We’ll help you stay in control of your money with text and email alerts that tell you what your balance is.
  • cards support Contactless payments of £30 or less. Just tap on the reader at the till and you’re done.
  • GET a Master Card for your American Elite Account