Global Credit Card

Access your bank account securely with Visa credit to make purchases, pay bills or get cash, anywhere in the world. With Visa credit, you stay in control, because what you spend is deducted directly from your bank account. What’s more, Visa credit is accepted everywhere Visa is – online, overseas, over the phone, at ATMs and in-store.

1) Can i get a master card once my account is opened?

  • Yes you can

2) Where can i use my card?

  • At millions of merchant and atm machine globally

3) Is there a fee to get a card?

  • No there is no fee

4) Is there a maximum i can spend with my card?

  • Yes your spending limit is $200,000 per month

To open an American Elite Checking account,

  • Visit the online account opening form Click Here
  • Complete the form and submit online, our account department will review your application and assign you an account number

Credit and Debit Cards

Convenience – Save on trips to the ATM and leave your checkbook at home. You can choose to sign for purchases or use a PIN. The choice is yours.

  • We’ll help you stay in control of your money with text and email alerts that tell you what your balance is.
  • cards support Contactless payments of £30 or less. Just tap on the reader at the till and you’re done.
  • GET a Master Card for your American Elite Account